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A child mis-educated is a child lost. For the mind to keep growing, it must be constantly furnished with information. The need to educate the child is paramount but also the need to feed the child with the right quality of education should also occupy a position of primary. Thus frantic efforts must be constantly made to search for the school that is endowed with the requisites skills to give your children the right dosage of education both in quality and quantity. At ArRahman Montessori School, the Montessori philosophy individualised learning which made it efficient, pleasant and challenging. It gets the children used to thinking and talking about what is happening in the world. We offer a Montessori prepared environment.

Our curriculum is Montessori based, narrowed down to Nigeria culture. It is structured in a way that the children are at liberty to choose their icon activities according to their interests and they work through the exercises base on their developmental level. It is strictly child centred, it is freedom with limitations.

If you think of a school, where the child is set in pursuit of knowledge think of Ar-Rahman. If you think of a school that has the magic wand to project your children to an enviable position, Ar-Rahman should come to your mind. A clear voice is different from a loud one.

…No parent can give the child a better gift than manners, good characters and a good education – Had

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