Ar-Rahman School strives to offer a range of educational opportunity that seek to fulfil the goals of the mission statement of the school, thus, the following guiding principles.

  1. Parents are responsible for how the child gets to & leaves the school premises in the morning and afternoon respectively. The school has no responsibility on whatever happens to the pupils during the said period.

  2. The morning school closes between 1.00pm and 2.00pm Monday – Friday while afternoon school closes by 3.00pm – 4.p00pm respectively Monday – Thursday. Parents shall be responsible to take the children immediately after closing time. However any pupil that stays more than an hour after closing time shall be subjected to fine of N500 payable before entering the class the following morning.

  3. Any pupil that refuses to do the home work twice consecutively shall be given warning letter while the 3rd time shall witness a day suspension from the school;

  4. The school shall not allow any pupil with contagious diseases e.g Apollo, Measles etc. Until when there is medical assurance that the child has been treated and confirmed alright;

  5. a. School fees are paid on or before resumption. Failure to pay by 2nd week will witness rejection.
    b. The school is not responsible for whatever happens as a result of action taken by the management following failure to pay promptly;

  6. The school reserves the right to reject any pupil that is view not to be of good reputation to the school e.g due to untidiness, tattered school uniform, odd footwear, shabby appearance, demoralized features etc.

  7. The school reserves the right not to release the recommended books under any circumstances before the end of any academic session.

  8. Every pupil shall be liable to pay full for every successful term that he/she must have attended classroom therein for A DAY.

  9. Pupil coming to the school later than 8.30am shall not be allowed to enter classroom for that day;

  10. The school fees as well as the school cost of books shall be as it will be spelt out after due consideration. The school shall not accommodate discussion on negotiation by any parents afterward.
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